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Website Designing

We give you the edge over your competitor for success by creating a simple, Intelligible but not easy website. 3DOT Technology design Your Website by mixing software tool with Hardware human mind.

Bird needs two wings to fly high and balanced. So, you need to make strong your both Business thinking and Web designing as two wings to fly high in your business domain. The need for any Website includes, it should open fast, quickly responsible, easy to navigate & most probably languages used should be simple and has to convey what it says on a single page or landing page. The basis for effective communication is to communicate in the easiest&Intelligible way. 3DOT Technologyunderstands all this & create aWeb site based on your need which will reflect what do you want to convey to the customers in the easiest and convenient way. Effective teaching is by teaching with Picture, 3DOT Technologycreates Website with the help of theme oriented picture, which will explain our website theme.

We exert following technologies for our Web Designing process:

  1. Adobe Photoshop
  2. Adobe Illustrator
  3. Adobe Dreamweaver
  4. Html (Hypertext Markup Language)
  5. XHTML
  6. CSS (Cascading Style Sheets)


When you are in Rome be a Roman says the proverb, so when the world is fast-moving with technology why not to take part in it. So let your business start to speak to the entire World by theeffective Web site. As you know Success in the business comes by doing same things differently with your competitor to maintain your uniqueness. Well, beguineis half done activity defined by good finishing. So, give us the opportunity to complete well& fulfil your Business dream by designing Effective Website. 3DOT Technology Will take small space in your dream but leaves big success.

Why choose 3Dot technology:

WELCOME TO 3 Dot Technology …

Any businessmen as you, wants their business to grow multi-folds, for that to create their own website becomes unavoidable. So we at 3 Dot technology are set off an expert who can solve this for you. 3 Dot Technology aim is to make Intelligible but practicable websites. Simplicity will speak for itself. 3 Dot Technologies service includes a wide range of innovative, Creative and Swift& Quality Website Designing, Web Development, E-Commerce Web Applications, SEO Services, Website maintenance etc… So, Welcome to 3 Dot Technology. Your search ends really here!!Let us take part in your dream!

 While the expressions “web engineer” and “website specialist” are regularly utilized synonymously, they don’t mean a similar thing. In fact, a website specialist just outlines site interfaces utilizing HTML and CSS. A web designer might be included in planning a site, however, may likewise compose web scripts in dialects, for example, PHP and ASP. Also, a web designer may help keep up and overhaul a database utilized by a dynamic site.



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