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Graphics Designing Classes in Pune


Graphic design is an art of design and communication mean visual communication. In our everyday life the magazines, newspapers, flyers, posters, labels, bills, logo, brochures, visiting cards, banners, wrappers, hoarding etc which we see are designed by some graphic designer only.

Graphic designers are the general people who exceptionally surely understand how to design with purpose, so that the objective prospect is pulled in, conveyed and afterward induced to accomplish objective. They do this because of sound learning of colors schemes, type, images, graphics, visual hierarchy and design principles.

Graphic designers are required in so many industries like Advertisement industry, Print Industry, Web designing industry etc. New designers must be aware of tools such as Photoshop, Gimp, Flash, Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Blend or more. But within 3 – 4 years of experience a designer career comes to a standstill (unless you have a highly creative mind and you are assisting or working as an art director). Unlike a career in programming where there are various layers (programming, analysis, project management) – designing is more of an individual genius than team work.The scope of graphic design is more now a days.

This is the right time for making career as a graphic designer. Join graphic design course with 3DOT Technologies, pune and become the main creative factor of Print Publishing, Advertising and Corporate environments. Only best faculty will be employed to tone your skills and sharpen execution. Student will learn to work with Print, Illustration, Design Layouts, Digital Image manipulations and Desktop Computer Presentations. Your career as a professional graphic designer is secure with 3DOT Technologies graphic design course so hurry to call us now to book your seat. We offered best graphic design courses in pune.



New Batch Schedule

Monday – Friday
Batch One    10am - 11pm
Batch Two    12pm - 1pm
Batch Three    5pm - 6pm
Saturday – Sunday
Batch One    9am - 11:30pm
Batch One    12pm - 2:30pm