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Foreign Language classes in pune

Best Foreign Language Classes -Courses in Pune


At 3DOT Technologies (best-Foreign-language-classes-in-pune), We are providing the training for Foreign Language Courses for students who want to learn a different language to be able to take up a profession in a foreign country. There are many nations where you can have an edge for getting a job if you know the language of that country. We can help you achieve your dreams.

We have structured courses in multiple foreign languages that enable you to gather the required levels of proficiency for getting a job. Accordingly, 3DOT Technologies (best-Foreign-language-classes-in-pune) has designed the courses on the languages that have the maximum demand for getting jobs in foreign countries.

Our language courses will help you get jobs in the following fields. The options of the careers are as follows:

  • Translators:

    You can take up the job of a translator at many places such as embassies as well as MNCs.

  • Foreign Tour Company Employee :

    The foreign tour companies are in the requirement of persons who have proficiency in foreign languages. There are several foreign guests who come for touring. Persons are required to attend them who can help for communication.

  • Jobs in international organizations :

    These types of companies have branches in different countries. There are multilingual people with whom effective interaction has to be done. There are requirements of persons knowing foreign languages.

  • Diplomatic Services :

    There are certain Diplomatic Services of the Government which require professionals with the knowledge of foreign languages for maintaining bilateral relations.

  • Trainer in foreign languages :

    After learning a foreign language, you can join a training institute like ours for teaching a foreign language.

  • Interpreter :

    The demands of interpreter services are huge both in the government and private. This can be an attractive career option.

  • Air hostess or a Flight Steward :

    If you are having proficiency of foreign languages, you can opt for an in-flight job as an air hostess or a Flight Steward.

  • Public Relations Officer :

    A PRO in places like hotels need to have the knowledge of foreign languages and this course can help you a lot to become a successful PRO.

We have professionally designed courses in the following languages.

  • French
  • German
  • Spanish
  • Portuguese
  • Russian
  • Japanese
  • Korean

The languages have been selected based on the demand and the prospects of availability of jobs.

The rates that we charge for teaching the foreign languages are absolutely competitive. We charge one of the least among the leading institutes imparting foreign language courses.

3DOT Technologies ( Best Foreign Language Classes in Pune ) can be your perfect choice of the institute teaching a foreign language due to the following reasons:

  • 3DOT Technologies ( Best Foreign Language Classes in Pune ) provides Languages that have a professional prospect .
  • 3DOT Technologies ( Best Foreign Language Classes in Pune ) has the courses at very affordable rates.
  • 3DOT Technologies ( Best Foreign Language Classes in Pune ) has a track record of students who have been successfully placed.
  • The course matter is designed suitably that can help you attain the desired levels of proficiency.
  • 3DOT Technologies ( Best Foreign Language Classes in Pune ) has the best Trainers for Foreign Language Classes in pune.

3Dot Technologies ( Best Foreign Language Classes-Courses in Pune ) is one of the best Foreign language classes in Pune . At 3Dot you can learn German language naturally, with realistic speaking activities. Our trainers are competent and very passionate about teaching. Also our Trainers are trained native speakers using the best study material and the interactive methods and technology to help you to learn German in the most effective and easy way. Our Institute is located at three different locations in Pune which are easily accessible and well connected. With our innovative and excellent teaching methods and help of students support, learning at our institute is and enjoyable experience. 3Dot Technologies ( Best Foreign Language Classes-Courses in Pune ) has modern and conducive classroom with all the modern facilities and free Wifi for all students.

  • Anybody who can speak English and is interested can learn  Foreign Language.
  • Any Students who want to peruse their higher education in Germany or European countries.
  • Professionals looking for job opportunities in Germany or European countries.
  • Professionals work with MNCs and have to travel frequently to Germany and Europe.
  • Collage students who want to learn foreign Language.
  • School students who have foreign language in their curriculam.



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