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We are one of the oldest institutes that are providing the training in Android Technology in India. Our course is designed in such a manner that it will be beneficial to both employees as well as beginners. There are huge requirements of the knowledge of Android in today’s market. It is the most popular operating system that is used in the smart devices such as the smartphones and the tablets.

The number of devices that are using this operating system are also increasing day by day. It can be a good option to gather knowledge of Android, as it opens a plethora of professional options for you.

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The following are the prime reasons why you should select Android for training:

  • There are huge scopes of jobs that are available in the Information Technology sector for professionals who are having the knowledge of Android
  • Android has the majority market share of Smartphone OS
  • There are many large corporates that are entering the market for preparation of apps as a part of business
  • You can start your own business based on knowledge of Android technology

Though there are several other institutes that offer training in Android Technology but you will stand to gain if you avail our training services. The major reasons are as follows:

  • The fees that we charge for conducting the course are reasonable and not exorbitant as some of the top institutes.
  • Training is imparted by professionals who have working experience on the technology
  • The course matter is designed in such a matter that is job-oriented.
  • We keep ourselves updated on the knowledge front so that whatever we train is the most updated in the market.
  • We have tie-ups with several IT companies who recruit professionals from our Institute. This will be a help to your placement.
  • We undertake training professionals of an organization also.
  • We have a good track record of persons who have undergone training from 3 DOTS Technologies and are working in some of the top IT organizations.

After undergoing the training, you will have the desired levels of proficiency in Android technology. The next job you have to do for securing job is to attend interviews and be successful in cracking them. For this, you need to have a specialized preparation. We take care of this preparation also a part of our curriculum. You need to be industry-ready to serve the clients. There is a separate team of HR persons who take care of the grooming part of the candidates. They will give you the necessary training on how to prepare for the interview and help you attain the behavioral skills. We also arrange for mock interview sessions so that the students can have a real-time based scenario to rehearse. We do a video recording of the sessions that help us in aiding the students to achieve perfection.



New Batch Schedule

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Batch Three    5pm - 6pm
Saturday – Sunday
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