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best spoken english classes Pashan

Want to be effective fluent in English but tired of taking number of classes that only teach the same, boring old grammar rules? 3DOT Technologies has logical things which can help you be smooth in English.

At 3DOT Technologies, our goal is to help non native English speakers improve English speaking naturally. We do not teach boring grammar theory lessons. Instead, we find you a Native English teacher who will work with you as a Conversation partner. Most of our students see a significant improvement in English speaking within 3 weeks. Watch English Videos, Listen to Audio books, Expand your Active Vocabulary, Don’t memorize grammar.

There’s no special trick to becoming fluent in English that will make it quick and easy. Learning is about repetition. Whichever method that you choose and enjoy, just do it frequently on a routine basis and you certainly will improve your skill without even realizing it. It’s going to take time and work. But if you’re willing to practice with Native English

Why 3dot technologies?

  1. We provide personal attention to the development of each student.
  2. We help in finding suitable job opportunities for our candidates.
  3. Our course fees are quite reasonable. We charge much lower than other institutes.
  4. We use native speakers of foreign languages as faculty along with professional Indian trainers.
  5. Our certificate finds good value in the market. Our brand name creates an impression on the recruiters.
  6. We use latest technologies and modern methods of teaching. This makes grasping the languages easier.


  1. Through, spoken English course you can speak English fluently and also come to know the global language.
  2. English is not only useful — it gives you a lot of satisfaction. Making progress feels great. You will enjoy learning English.
  3. You will become perfect in listening, writing and speaking.
  4. A great way to interact and meet new people in proscribed setting.
  5. IEnglish allows you to get more from popular culture
  6. It will increase your interpersonal skill.
  7. English will open up more opportunities for you.

Why important?

  1. If you want to prosper in your career, you must have enough proficiency in spoken English. 
  2. English helps us innovate better.
  3. English communication gives power & influence.
  4. We teach in small groups then we incorporate fun in learning.
  5. We provide best opportunities in career.

Why choose 3dot technologies?

We 3DOT technologies PASHAN believe in providing quality training with more better and upgrade tools and techniques. Our institute provide professional trainer which help you improve your personality. We help students to solve their problems, boost brain power and also guide them to express their views and ideas.

New Batch Schedule

Monday – Friday
Batch 1st  08:00am - 09:15pm
Batch 2nd  09:15am - 10:30pm
Batch 3rd  10:30am - 11:45pm
Batch 4th  11:45am - 01:00pm
Batch 5th  05:00am - 06:15pm
Batch 6th  06:15am - 07:30pm
Batch 7th  07:30am - 08:45pm
Saturday – Sunday
Batch 1st  09:00am - 11:30pm
Batch 2nd   12:00pm - 2:30pm

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