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best spoken english classes Kothrud

The spoken English classes are very common in India. English is not a national language of the Indians. It is a foreign language and to be very precise India has a lot of languages, of its own. Learning to speak English confidently is nowadays a need. Now there is no more an issue of status however it is necessity for a good quality job and to flourish in one’s career. Today’s world English is importance in global market place. Learning English language will boosts brain power and help to make connection with outer world. Most of the contents on internet is in English only. And knowing English allow you to access incredible data and information’s. Ability to read and write English appropriately is important, particularly for higher studies in a foreign country plus for high-quality standard of books and study materials. English is language and its spoken by everywhere in the world. English language generally used anywhere anytime in any industries without knowing English you have no value in today’s world.

Do you feel nervous or sacred about speaking English in public?

Are you feeling embarrassing to join a regular class in college or training institute?

Learning English from 3dottechnologies will help you to learn English language simple and creative manner. Learning language is FUN! We give a lot of practice programs, activities on the spot so students have to perform and it will clear their doubt and stage fear too. Regular practice with our expert trainer and groups helps to create good listener while speaking English. Which will help them to stand different in crowed.


  1. We taken care of individual students and help in personality development.
  2. We help in the placement of our candidates.
  3. Our course fees are quite affordable.
  4. Our certification is value by top organization.

3dottechnolgies classes is located at KOTHRUD. You can choose course timings as per your convenience. Visit our ‘Contact Us’ Page for more details, to get in touch, know about the curriculum, fees and book a demo session.

New Batch Schedule

Monday – Friday
Batch 1st  08:00am - 09:15pm
Batch 2nd  09:15am - 10:30pm
Batch 3rd  10:30am - 11:45pm
Batch 4th  11:45am - 01:00pm
Batch 5th  05:00am - 06:15pm
Batch 6th  06:15am - 07:30pm
Batch 7th  07:30am - 08:45pm
Saturday – Sunday
Batch 1st  09:00am - 11:30pm
Batch 2nd   12:00pm - 2:30pm

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