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best spoken english classes Chikhali

There are lot of people who know reading and writing of English but find difficult and problems to speak while interacting with world. As we know, without practice speaking its very difficult to master spoken English. With the use of advanced technology, 3DOT technologies at CHIKHALI empowers student and professionals with excellent ‘English speaking’ skills. 3DOT technologies provide an excellent training on learning the language with our unique methodology. 3DOT technologies, Pune’s No.1 English Institute catering to people who are very good in their work and want to develop their English and Communication Skills. Also, increase their confidence, public speaking, presentations, business English, email drafting and group discussion skills. It is based on creativity, and fun. We do asses the candidate with our unique techniques. Our mission is to give continuous quality training with a vision to create future leaders to apply the acquired knowledge   in the competitive global market. Students gain hands- on experience in writing, reading, listening and speaking skills. Students acquire the relevant skills of business communication and also learn to communicate effectively. Reasons to learns spoken English
  1. You can find more dream job opportunities through the world’
  2. You can become better educated person
  3. You can easily travel anywhere in the world without facing any difficulties.
  4. You will come to know the global language
  5. You will learn about different culture
  6. You will recognize that English is easy to learn.
  7. You can easily improve your understanding of science
  8. You can also improve your confidence level.
  9. You will also exercise your brain
Importance of spoken English? It is of very importance for a good quality job and career. Lots of acquisition in life are completely dependent upon the way you conduct yourself with the customers a, particularly in the international companies.. Yet again, it is not just to leave an how off of stylishness however it is necessary to converse your important points in a different way Some of the main features are:
  1. Need Based Training for every student.
  2. Audio-video training sessions.
  3. Result oriented course content that achieves fluency in English and also develops public speaking, presentation, confidence and other skills.
  4. Pre-Assessment at the beginning of the course.
  5. 360 Degree Evaluation system.
  6. Conducting systematic testing and monitoring in the class.
  7. Individual Case file of each and every student.
  8. Certificate provided at the end of the course.
  9. Job Placement through regular Job Fairs.
Courses we offered
  1. Basic English
  2. Intermediate English
  3. Advance English course
  4. Business English
  5. Career English
  6. Acent training
  7. Personality development.
Why 3dot technologies We have a very specialized method of Teaching based on Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening Activities. We have internet learning Module which completely focus on students speaking and Listening abilities. This specific methodology is very unique in nature.

New Batch Schedule

Monday – Friday
Batch 1st  08:00am - 09:15pm
Batch 2nd  09:15am - 10:30pm
Batch 3rd  10:30am - 11:45pm
Batch 4th  11:45am - 01:00pm
Batch 5th  05:00am - 06:15pm
Batch 6th  06:15am - 07:30pm
Batch 7th  07:30am - 08:45pm
Saturday – Sunday
Batch 1st  09:00am - 11:30pm
Batch 2nd   12:00pm - 2:30pm

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