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best spoken english classes Camp

3DOT technologies is A+ ranking institute in pune. We focus on students Productivity. Our institute helps the students to learn English with gathering knowledge. We not only focus on Learning English but also create the environment of other helpful activities and knowledge based. We Help students to deal with actual problems and regular based practice make sense humor of every student strong. Our experts guide students for their right careers, and right path.

Importance of learnng spoken english

  1. Through, spoken English course you can speak English fluently and also come to know the global language.
  2. English is not only useful — it gives you a lot of satisfaction. Making progress feels great. You will enjoy learning English.
  3. You will become perfect in listening, writing and speaking.
  4. A great way to interact and meet new people in proscribed setting.
  5. IEnglish allows you to get more from popular culture
  6. It will increase your interpersonal skill.
  7. English will open up more opportunities for you.
  8. If you want to prosper in your career, you must have enough proficiency in spoken English.
  9. English helps us innovate better.
  10. English communication gives power & influence.


  1. We employ unique methods for teaching: We make the groups in such a manner so that none of them feel inferior.
  2. We do not criticize our students: We believe in building up of confidence among our students
  3. We are reasonable with our fees: The rates that we charge for the courses are absolutely competitive.
  4. Career opportunities open up: Upon pursuing the web designing courses from our Institute, will have the ability to apply for different jobs .
  5. Help to compare and choose the right course.

The certificate of our institute has value in market & demanding in any sector. Our brand name creates an impression on the recruiters. 3Dot technologies institute in CAMP is best in this culture as well as knowledge based criteria. Grab the opportunity of learning spoken English and Make your career in industries before you lose it.

New Batch Schedule

Monday – Friday
Batch 1st  08:00am - 09:15pm
Batch 2nd  09:15am - 10:30pm
Batch 3rd  10:30am - 11:45pm
Batch 4th  11:45am - 01:00pm
Batch 5th  05:00am - 06:15pm
Batch 6th  06:15am - 07:30pm
Batch 7th  07:30am - 08:45pm
Saturday – Sunday
Batch 1st  09:00am - 11:30pm
Batch 2nd   12:00pm - 2:30pm

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